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Reading; books and magazines

Buying a magazine and flipping through pages is still the best way to enjoy a story, but for a lot of individuals (millennials in particular) tablets, smart phones and phablets are an alternative. Help us grow and subscribe today.

New and Emerging Writers

Our dedication to short fiction and printing the work of new and emerging writers helps us achieve our goals in a traditional manner so to speak. The publication was founded on the idea that print still matters.


Short Fiction Collections

The Wildwood Reader was created to publish and collect a year's worth of short stories and our readers would then vote for the best of each edition at years' end. With the best of the year in hand, we would then create the annual perfect bound paper back book and hopefully a few will end up as limited editions. Our goal is to not only publish a quarterly magazine but to also publish the annual book with a whimsical collection of work written by contemporary writers for today’s leisure and casual reader.

In the end, we want to become a collection of classic books that will be looked upon as a reference of an author’s earlier work; work by the new writers of our society back in the day if you will. As we know, magazines and most paper backs books are generally not kept for very long, we hope that these books will become part of someone’s library and collection of literary works to be read again and again into the next millennium and passed on to the next generation.

We hope you'll enjoy browsing through our website, and that you will find a lot of useful information here. If you have any ideas to share about improvements to our website, we welcome them as we are a work in progress.

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Print, Net or Pod

We are currently in flux as we learn from both our future readers and writers. In the recent months, we have heard from a number of writers that would like to have their works appear as podcasts. We have also learned that some don't care about printed versions either. Please write us to further our efforts in finding a home for future stories. Write us with your opinion


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